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APG Offers the Advantage

Analytical Products Group, Inc. (APG) has developed new services to help laboratories gain additional value from their participation in proficiency testing (PT) programs. This range of services is called Advantage.

The Advantage Reporting Tool
APG’s Advantage Reporting Tool provides online access to over 20 interactive, graphical reports, enabling laboratories to track, trend, and improve the quality and defensibility of their analytical data. For each APG study in which a customer has participated since 1999, The Advantage Reporting Tool securely presents performance results in two major categories - Accreditation Management and Quality Improvement.

The Four Quadrants of the APG Advantage Reporting Tool
The Four Quadrants of the APG Advantage Reporting Tool APG's Advantage Reporting Tool provides secure access to over 20 interactive, graphical reports. The Advantage Reporting Tool includes tabular and graphical representations of proficiency testing results. All study results, even quick-turnaround sample results, are available online with The Advantage Reporting Tool.
Accreditation Management
How long do you spend per year monitoring accreditations? You now have the power to visually monitor the data submitted to accrediting authorities. You can view reports by accrediting authority or by analyte for a single study or multiple studies. APG's Certification Map goes a step beyond these fundamental reports. The Certification Map is an APG exclusive that provides a graphic representation of your results over time. It also provides filters to quickly identify analytes that require remediation and that fail the 2 of 3 NELAC Acceptability Rule.

Advantage Reporting Certification Map Quality Improvement
Data Quality is essential to an efficient and effective laboratory. APG's Advantage Reporting Tool gives you the capability to manage laboratory data quality.
Often quality is focused on "Not Acceptable" evaluations. APG believes that a proactive approach can be utilized to identify data trends before "Not Acceptable" evaluations occur. The Advantage Reporting Tool provides you with the Points of Immediate Concern Report and the Points of Opportunity Report to identify analyses that are inconsistent or trending toward unacceptable evaluations.
The Advantage Reporting Tool also provides the Points of Excellence Report. A Point of Excellence can only be statistically achieved by 12% of the laboratories that evaluate the sample; therefore, it recognizes your laboratory for the analyzes that you perform well (when compared to other study participants). Points of Excellence are a valuable business development tool that your laboratory should use to highlight your value in today's competitive market.

In subsequent articles, we will explore other aspects of The Advantage Reporting Tool. The list below shows the major reports included in The Advantage Reporting Tool:

Accreditation Reports
Exception Report
Performance Summary
Certification Map
Certification Summary
Analyte Detail
Check For Error Report
Laboratory Benchmark Ranking
Quality Improvement Reports
Performance Map
Points of Excellence
Points of Opportunity
Points of Immediate Concern
Trend Analysis
Percent Recovery Analysis
Advantage Reporting Tool Study Menu

You can access The Advantage Reporting Tool at

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please send an email to or call APG at 800.272.4442.


The Advantage Training Verification Tool
The Advantage Training Verification Tool provides single-blind training samples that are customized to your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The Tool ensures that you are meeting your training requirements while reducing the amount of time and money you invest in monitoring your training program. The training process is simple.

Step 1
Visit to setup your account by defining your SOP requirements.
Step 2
Order your training samples online or by phone at 800.272.4442. Your samples will arrive custom-designed to your SOPs. (See example of Training samples below.)
Training Verification Samples: Custom-designed to your SOP
Training Samples are Customized by SOP Name
Step 3
Assign your analysts or work cells to analyze the samples.
Step 4
Submit the results online and receive immediate performance feedback.
Step 5
Upon successful completion, you can print the NELAC compliant training certification form. Each month, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for each analyst/work cell that successfully passed an SOP.
Step 6
Your data will be saved in the Training Tool, and you can revisit your account at any time to conveniently review data and ensure training compliance.  

Access The Advantage Training Verification Tool at


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