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APG to ERA Product Cross Reference


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APG Product NameAPG Quality ControlAPG Proficiency TestingAPG PT STATAPG Additional LevelERA Product NameERA Certified Reference MaterialERA Proficiency TestingERA Quick TurnaroundERA Additional Level
DMRQA Complete Set61916190 6195Complete Set108174108QR174AL1
DMRQA PT Set 161516150 6155Mini Set #1102186102QR186AL1
DMRQA PT Set 261616160 6165Mini Set #2103187103QR187AL1
DMRQA PT Set 361716170 6175Mini Set #3104188104QR188AL1
DMRQA PT Set 461816180 6185Mini Set #4106189106QR189AL1
Demand60126010 6015Demand516578516QR578AL1
Hexavalent Chromium62526250 6255Hexavalent Chromium984898984QR898AL1
Minerals62026200 6205Minerals506581506QR581AL1
Minerals62026200 6205Hardness507580507QR580AL1
Nitrite as N62426240 6245Nitrite770888770QR888AL1
Nutrients60226020 6025Simple Nutrients505584505QR584AL1
Nutrients60226020 6025Complex Nutrients525579525QR579AL1
Oil & Grease61226120 6125Oil & Grease61206122 6122AL1
pH60626060 6065pH977577977QR577AL1
Settleable Solids62326230 6235Settleable Solids911883911QR883AL1
Solids60326030 6035Solids60326030 6030AL1
Total Cyanide60926090 6095Total Cyanide502588502QR588AL1
Total Phenolics60826080 6085Total Phenolics515589515QR589AL1
Total Residual Chlorine61026100 6105Total Residual Chlorine501587501QR587AL1
Trace Metals60726070 6075Trace Metals500586500QR586AL1
Trace Metals60726070 6075Mercury514574514QR574AL1
Turbidity62226220 6225Turbidity777893777QR893AL1
Fluoride62106212 6217Minerals506581506QR581AL1
     Waste Water Coliform Microbe083576786QR576AL1
     Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET)View QCsView PTs View PTsAL1
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