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Soils and Hazardous Waste

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APG Product NameAPG Quality ControlAPG Proficiency TestingAPG PT STATAPG Additional LevelERA Product NameERA Certified Reference MaterialERA Proficiency TestingERA Quick TurnaroundERA Additional Level
Anions in Soil1416214160221416014165Anions in Soil543873543QR873AL1
Base/Neutrals & Acids1426214260221426014265Acids in Soil727467727QR467AL1
     Base/Neutrals & Acids in Soil727467727QR467AL1
BTEX & MTBE1434214340221434014345BTEX & MTBE in Soil761633761QR633AL1
     Carbamate Pesticides in Soil926879926QR879AL1
pH/Corrosivity in Soil1414214140221414014145Corrosivity/pH in Soil914875914QR875AL1
Cyanide in Soil1413214130221413014135Cyanide in Soil541621541QR621AL1
Diesel in Soil1432214320221432014325Diesel Range Organics (DRO)765631765QR631AL1
Flash Point1415214150221415014155Ignitability/Flash Point979874979QR874AL1
Gasoline in Soil1431214310221431014315Gasoline Range Organics (GRO)763630763QR630AL1
Herbicides in Soil1425214250221425014255Chlorinated Acid Herbicides in Soil723626723QR626AL1
Hexavalent Chromium in Soil1412214120221412014125Hexavalent Chromium in Soil921876921QR876AL1
     Metals in SewageSludge160619160QR619AL1
     Nutrients in Sludge545   
Medium Level Volatiles in Soil1443214430221443014435Ready-to-use VOAs in Soil924870924QR870AL1
Nitroaromatics & Nitramines in Soil1442214420221442014425Nitroaromatics & Nitramines920871920QR871AL1
Nutrients in Soil1417214170221417014175Nutrients in Soil542869542QR869AL1
PAHs by HPLC in Soil1427214270221427014275Low-Level PAHs in Soil722625722QR625AL1
     Oil & Grease in Soil549867549QR867AL1
     Organophosphorus Pest (OPP)925878925QR878AL1
PCBs in Soil1421214210221412014215PCBs in Soil726624726QR624AL1
     Perchlorate in Soil546 546QR 
     Perchlorate in Sludge547 547QR 
     Perchlorate in Vegetation548 548QR 
Pesticides in Soil1422214220221422014225Organochlorine Pesticides in Soil728468728QR468AL1
Pesticides (OP/NP) in Soil1428214280221428014285Pesticides (OPP) in Soil925878925QR878AL1
TCLP Metals in Soil1418214180221418014185TCLP Metals in Soil544629544QR629AL1
     TCLP Volatiles730 730QR 
     TCLP Organochlorine Pest732 732QR 
     TCLP Acids737 737QR 
     Semivolatile Blank Soil056   
Toxaphene in Soil1423214230221423014235Toxaphene in Soil724627724QR627AL1
TPH in Soil1433214330221433014335TPH in Soil570/571632572QR632AL1
Total Chlordane in Soil1424214240221424014245Chlordane in Soil725628825QR628AL1
Trace Metals in Soil1410214100221410014105Metals in Soil540620540QR620AL1
Volatiles1420214200221420014205Volatiles in Soil721623721QR623AL1
     Volatiles Blank Sand055   
     Volatiles Blank Soil054   
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