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APG to ERA Product Cross Reference

Underground Storage Tank (UST)

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APG Product NameAPG Quality ControlAPG Proficiency TestingAPG PT STATAPG Additional LevelERA Product NameERA Certified Reference MaterialERA Proficiency TestingERA Quick TurnaroundERA Additional Level
AK101 BTEX in Water43424340 4345Alaska BTEX in Water646474 474AL1
AK101 BTEX in Soil1435214350 14355Alaska BTEX in Soil636470 470AL1
AK101 Gasoline in Water43524350 4355Alaska GRO in Water645473 473AL1
AK101 Gasoline in Soil1436214360 14365Alaska GRO in Soil635469 469AL1
AK102 Diesel in Water43624360 4365Alaska DRO in Water647475 475AL1
AK102 Diesel in Soil1437214370 14375Alaska DRO in Soil637471 471AL1
AK103 Residual Range Organics1438214380 14385Alaska RRO in Soil638472 472AL1
AZ TPH in Soil1441214410221441014415Arizona TPH in Soil798488798QR488AL1
BTEX & MTBE in Water423242302242304235BTEX & MTBE in Water760643760QR643AL1
BTEX & MTBE in Soil1434214340221434014345BTEX & MTBE in Soil761633761QR633AL1
Diesel Range Organics Soil1432214320221432014325Diesel Range Organics in Soil765631765QR631AL1
Diesel Range Organics Water483248302248304835Diesel Range Organics in Water764641764QR641AL1
DRO (Wisconsin)430243002243004305Wisconsin DRO772648772QR648AL1
Gasoline Range Organics Soil1431214310221431014315Gasoline Range Organics in Soil763630763QR630AL1
Gasoline Range Organics Water484248402248404845Gasoline Range Organics in Water762640762QR640AL1
MA/NC/WA EPH in Water451245102245104515Mass EPH in Water567482567QR482AL1
MA/NC/WA EPH in Soil1445214450221445014455Mass EPH in Soil569484569QR484AL1
MA/NC/WA VPH in Water450245002245004505Mass VPH in Water566481566QR481AL1
MA/NC/WA VPH in Soil1444214440221444014445Mass VPH in Soil568483568QR483AL1
PA UST PAH-HPLC in Water438243802243804385PA UST PAH-HPLC438243804382QR4380AL1
PA UST Volatiles in Water437243702243704375PA UST Volatiles437243704372QR4370AL1
PVOC (Wisconsin) & GRO433243302244304335Wisconsin GRO/PVOC519649519QR649AL1
TX1005 TPH High Level in Water454245402245404545Texas High-Level Fuels in Water795477795QR477AL1
TX1005 TPH High Level in Soil1440214440221440014445Texas High-Level Fuels in Soil797479797QR479AL1
TX1005 TPH Low Level in Water449244902244904495Texas Low-Level Fuels in Water794476794QR476AL1
TX1005 TPH Low Level in Soil1439214390221439014395Texas Low-Level Fuels in Soil796478796QR478AL1
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