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Login Automatically

What are the login options?
The login option you use applies only to the computer you are now working on. You may use or select a different login option when you login from a different computer.

Type your Username/Email and Password. (default)
Normally, if you are using a home or office computer, to login you will enter your Username/Email and your password each time you login.

Login automatically.
If you select this check box when you login, you remain logged in to your Elite account until you uncheck this option on the logout page, even if you close the browser window or turn off the computer. Analytical Products Group, Inc. recommends that you use this option only if you are the only person using the computer.

If you're sharing a computer with other people, Analytical Products Group, Inc. recommends that you don't select Login Automatically.

To logout of your Elite Account on a computer.
Click logout in the top right corner of any webpage within

Turning off Login Automatically.
If you chose to login automatically when you logged in, clicking Logout will not log you out of your Elite Account. It will close your session which is strongly suggested. To logout you must Uncheck the option labeled Login Automatically on the logout page.

What are cookies? stores your profile information in an encrypted cookie on your hard disk. This cookie allows you to move from page to page without having to login again on each page. When you logout of, these cookies are deleted from your computer unless you select to Login Automatically in which case all cookies are deleted from your computer with the exception of the your identifying information. Therefore you can be logged in automatically on subsequent visits. If you are using a public computer or do not otherwise want this information to be stored, you can select the appropriate checkbox on the login page, and this cookie will not be used.

You have the ability to accept or decline cookies using the settings on your browser. However, if you choose to decline session cookies, you will not be able to login using your Elite Account.
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