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Enter Data Online for the ASTA Study

Online Data Reporting
The Online Data Reporting System is flexible and easy to use. The following are just some of the features:

  • FREE Multiple Method Reporting Not only is Multiple Method Reporting simpler than ever, now there are no costs to do so.
  • Multiple User Access Levels As an Online Customer Administrator, you will be able to add new users with various capabilities. For example, maybe you want a technician to only enter the data, but you want to approve the data before it is submitted No problem, just setup the technician as a "Data Entry Only" user.
  • Analyte Specific Reporting to Accrediting Authorities No longer are you constrained to reporting all sample analytes to all Accrediting Authorities that you select. Now you can specify exactly what you want to go where. For example, maybe you want only Lead results to be submitted to the State of Florida and only Arsenic results reported to the State of Ohio. Now you can!
  • Last Minute Reporting Online Data Entry will be available until Midnight on the Study Close Date.
  • E-Mail Reminders and Confirmations If you are registered for Online Data Entry, we will automatically send you a reminder that the Study Close Date is fast approaching if your data has not been submitted as well as an e-mail confirmation when it is submitted.
  • Smart Data Entry When you use Online Data Entry, we will provide you with feedback to help reduce errors. For example, maybe you accidentally entered a greater than sign instead of a less than sign. If this happens the system will give you a message notifying you that the resulting evaluation will be "Not Acceptable". Of course at this point, you can edit the entry or you can accept it as is.
How Do I Submit
Data Online?

1.  Register for Elite Membership or Login if you already have an Elite Membership Account.
2.  Locate your Data Return Booklet ID found on the lower-right corner of the front cover of your Data Return Booklet.
3.  Enter it into the Data Entry Code Form found on the left of this page.
Contact Customer Support for assistance toll-free at 800.272.4442 or via email at
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